I needed a rather large oven to cook my Cesar Head mold in and didn’t want to deal with re purposing an actual used oven or buy a store bought Foam Latex Oven. Here’s what I did:

I found a great step by step tutorial on Stop Motion Animation Magazines webpage and just followed along. That’s about it really. Works great!

First I cut the parts I needed, then built the frame. The sides are composite chipboard with insulation foil on one side.

I then lined the insides of the box with 1/2″ insulation foam, cut the door out and cut two circulation vents in the roof. I used foil tape to seal all the inside edges.

I installed an electric fan and a vent duct along the roof to circulate the hot air back down into the oven.

Finally, I added the 1000 watt hotplate as the heating source. The oven doesn’t need to go above 200 °, so this guy works just fine.

You can follow along through the whole process with the photo gallery below: