Back in the summer of 2007 (I think ?), my friend Marcus Raboy called me up to brain storm on a music video this producer J.R. Rotem wanted to make happen.

Marcus and I went and met J.R. and his new find Sean Kingston at a recording studio over on Highland to discuss. Since the song relied heavily on this Ben E. King “Stand By Me” sample, J.R. had a kind of cool idea to parody “Back to the Future”. The videos budget quickly got eaten up by practical shots leaving pretty much nothing left for effects, but what did happen that was sort of fun for me was this mural I painted. It came as a super last minute thing. The night before the shoot, Marcus asked me to paint a “Beautiful Girls” mural on the side of the famous Johnie’s Diner across from the Petersen Auto Museum (go there, it’s bad ass – the museum, not the diner). There was no money for paint, no time, I hadn’t done a wall in at least 10 years, yadda yadda. I had to freestyle the letters on the spot, the sun was setting and we had to get off the property in an hour or two, so it wasn’t my best work by far. It was fun though, so here are the documented results: