Way back in 2006 while we were working on Minoriteam for Adult Swim I was asked to help develop a main title for this pilot called “Saul Of The Mole Men”, also for Adult Swim, but instead It turned into my first “acting” gig.

The producers asked me to also play the role of several of the Mole Men/Women, because of my size I guess. Acting isn’t my thing, but this was a lot of fun. Working as an “actor” with Director Tom Stern was great…he directed one of my favorite movies “Freaked” with Alex Winter, so it was an extra cool experience for me. I’ve collected some behind the scenes photos here, in case this interests you. You’ll see some of our old friends and people we collaborate with like Pete Girardi (Warner Bros Animation) and Dana Snyder (Master Shake, Aqua Team Hunger Force) as well as a bunch of sets, props and other neato stuff. So here we go, check out the Pilot:


And check out the Behind The Scenes photos: